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can anyone tell me about cog codes? and need some friends..... anyone interested?


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what are these "cog codes" you speak of?

Arent those the things that epic hid places. Not in the game but on there website and whatnot. If i remember right they were for things like a "certificates" for weapons and "cog documents" in pdf format that you could download and print off. I think.

Check this thread out :)

ps The OP currently up to date (hopefully he'll get on that soon), but if you ask, I'm sure one of the regulars would be nice enough to give you the latest codes

What the derp!? Man, I haven't posted in these forums in forever, sorry. How do you post a link? It's not [ url= ] [ /url ] (minus the spaces)?

just paste the whole darn link and let them copy and paste it on their search bar

LoL that works to :P