CODPoints vs. Challenge Unlocks Discussion

Let's keep this civil, whats better to you, CP system or unlocking things through challenges? Personally, I think the challenge system works better and helps keep weapon diversity. Plus the whole "If I put some time into this, I'll unlock this camo to show for what I've done." Then again, CP might be better in some situations, like playercard purchases, like emblem stuff that isnt unlocked through challenges. Just a discussion though, your thoughts?

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I always liked flaunting my fall camo whenever I got it...

Challenges were more fun. Boosting was annoying though.

yeah except u always get that one guy that says nice boosted fall camo

blue tiger, ftw.

I like unlocking weapons, perks, killstreaks, and equipment via cod points, it makes it so you don't get an advantage just by being a higher level with access to more stuff (but it kind of defeats the purpose if certain weapons aren't unlocked until higher levels like they did in BO...), and I like the customization of your emblem and character with CP.

I think camos and attachments should be unlocked with challenges though. It gives me a reason to use each weapon and attachment.

But wager matches are genius. That would be the only reason I would see to keep CP the way it is, but I think it can still work without some of the things like camos.

CP works more for balance.

Challenge unlocks

    I would have said that the challenge system was better until I read some of the posts about camo.

   Camo is definitely one thing that has more to do with personal preference rather than actual usefulness. Personally, I never saw a use for fall camo. It was more of a prestige thing than it was a choice of effective camo.

    That being said, I guess that goes for all the weapon attachments. What is useful to one, may be a waste to another, so buying the ones you choose rather than going through the challenge process is a bit more fair.

    The challenge process for unlocking pro perks can go the same way too. Some people like the game modes required to unlock pros, while others really dont want to play them.

    I primarily play ffa and tdm, so I didnt care to play other modes, but have to say it was good experience, and may even play the other modes more often now because of it.

For weapons and perks I think the CoD Point system works best. It allows all players to start out on a somewhat equal footing.


As for camos, those should be challenge based. Much more reason to show off something you earned and didn't select off a list.


Attachments could go either way. You could argue that people should have to earn them, then again, why would I ever want to earn a reflex sight if I have a red dot, or extended mags if I already have dual mags? I lean towards the CoD point system for these.


So as far as functionality of the game goes, let the players utilize the points system, and for aesthetics let them be challenge based (camos, face paints, and emblems).

I really like the idea of COD points to purchase items. One thing I was disappointed about was that to unlock the "Classified" weapons, you have to purchase all of the other weapons before it, even if you never use them. Kind of a ripoff, as I was under the impression that you didn't have to spend your money on what you didn't want to use. Other than that, though, I think it's a good system, would like to see it in future versions.

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