COD/Black Ops/MW3 Map Suggestions

Black Ops zoo map was my idea, i suggested it way back, but I suggested the zoo have animals so you can shoot then hide behind elephants.


New Map suggestions:


Eiffel Tower- shoot from different levels.

3 storey building - a building with three floors to run up and down and around in

Death match with zombies



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what a coincidence! the xbox was my idea!

I'd like to see a few maps in the style of Call of Duty 2.


I'd like to see some maps that have different weather and seasons in them too. 


Wallendar, Beaumont Hague, Newvillers, Rostov, St. Mere Eglise, Toujane, St. Louet, Leningrad, Caen, Anctoville. All had great layouts and multiple buildings, some multi-level, to utilize. Some of the classic maps are the best ones out there today.


Devs said they're making the maps more like COD4.

I'm happy

I still wanna see a hospital map. Lots of corridors, maybe a large cafeteria style area with multiple levels, stairwells, an outdoor courtyard...

There's one I've always wanted to make but my lack of map making skills has stopped me doing it.


Big indoor night map made up mostly of tight corridors ala the mansion from Resident Evil with the odd open room for bomb sites. To make it interesting the entire map would be pitch black with no lights apart from natural light from the moon coming in through certain windows. Hence players would be given the option of using a gun mounted torch which would give them clearer view of the area with the downside of possibly giving away their position or using night vision with poorer visibility but better stealth capabilities. Done right I think it could be terrifying especially in the hardcore and search & destroy modes, you'd have to really communicate with your team to prevent any accidents in hardcore and S&D would become even more tense than it already is.

I hope theres alot of Halo maps and one big square map with no cover, that would be epic.

I want a Moon map.

I want a map that simulates trench warfare.

[quote user="RT NEWYORK"]

one big square map with no cover



A completely blank 100ft by 100ft box with no cover. Kind of like limbo.

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