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I play Halo. I've never played COD. I would like to play to know what all the fuss is about but I'm just weary of going into like a modded lobby or whatever and I don't want to get taken advantage of because I won't know what I'm doing. If its already obvious that I don't play online, what is the process involved where you would join a game with other people? Do I get the option of picking the lobby? How will I know if its modded or there are cheaters in there or anything?? I don't want to get infected but I do want to try playing online sometime. Help!


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"How do I join a game with other people"


You've two options. Option one is where you pick your gametype and let the game find a match to put you in that's either in progress or about to start. Option two is private matches with friends.


"Do I get the option of picking the lobby?"


Apart from picking the gametype no you don't.


"How will I know if it's modded or there are cheaters?"


In the older CODs (COD4, WaW & MW2) it'll be blatently obvious when you're in a modded game or with cheaters. They're not even attempting to hide that they're modding and some have even taken to advertising their sites & groups in game which gives you an idea of how bad it has gotten. Despite what people say no one has found a way to take mods and hacks for Black Ops into public online matches so it's probably one of the securest games around right now.


"I don't want to get infected"


You can only be infected in private matches and it requires a fair bit of input from you so it's impossible to be accidentily infected. 


My advice is to go with Black Ops, the older three are only really usable as coasters even though a lot of people still consider them the "bestest thing ever" despite them being broken for a number of years now but that's another rant. If for some reason you end up buying one of the other three always remember the following things when playing -


1. If you even slightly suspect you're in a dodgy lobby (the matchmaking will throw you into one from time to time) switch your console off immediately. This'll protect you from deranking - ( - and clear any other things you might of picked up from the lobby.

2. File complaints and submit player reviews against anyone you see using cheats or hacks.

3. Never ever accept game invites from people you don't know.

4. Don't come crying to us about how every lobby is modded and the games are full of cheaters.

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