COD Ghosts update

Several changes: dlc Onslaught maps now in rotation, few other small things. One new game option.



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Create a class has some added features where the game directs you to set ups to clear operations, random setup and a couple others

It's real nice that all of the maps are in rotation now i can play free fall now don't have to search for the map anymore.  :D

i hate freefall, lol!

Freefall has been in rotation since the update before this one, about a month ago. Dropzone is the new mode.

Freefall means first team to camp outside the Windows on the ledge. Lol I did that the other night and had a blast. I hate the map but love the team campability.

I get lost half the time and all of my kills are just luck most of the time...  :D

i get scared and run off and hide, im not joking

Power positions aren't on the ledges. They are on the elevated platforms on each end.  One is stronger then the other, but I can't explain because I have no friggin idea what end of the map, or where I'm at on it.