CoD: Ghosts multiplayer issues

I sign into multiplayer and can get into a match, play for a couple of mines befoe im rudely kicked back to menu with "need to be signed into xbox live to play" message, even though my xbox live is still signed in at that point, still talking to people in party and all sorts, happens like clock work to, cant play a single complete game of any multiplayer mode, its gotten to the point of making me want to snap the dam disc.

Inb4 everyone tells me to reset or change my superhub 2 settings, ive tried that, also had my console changed thinking mistakenly it was a defective product which it was not as worked fine at the store. my nats open aswell, tried all the common fixes to no avail.

any smart ideas?


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I have the exact same issue, been in contact with both Xbox and Activision, Activision are just as useless as ever and Xbox told me to try and open up the ports on your router, I did that and it still hasn't fixed my game, I have a feeling that this is a dodgy copy of the game, I have literally tried everything Xbox told me to do and nothing is fixing my issue

At the  multiplayer menu it freeze up on me for 2mins and 45 sec it not the disc. everything when it get a new update it want to mess up. it make me mad. it just a issue can u please fix it

What is wrong with COD Ghosts server today it keep freezing up

It happened to me twice in one game last night. I was still in party chat and was able to talk and hear.

I am hard wired with a digital copy of ghosts. Running a 50 down 5 up connection with a netgear nighthawk router.

i have the same problem it started with the first dlc content downhill since.

disc read error imagefile

i have the netgear router also

I have the exact same problem right now and I've noticed it kicks me off Xbox Live entirely. I've tried port forwarding and even that doesn't help! If I knew what the problem was and to fix it, I'd tell you.

Let's just hope someone helps the both of us, seeing as I've been in the mood for CoD Ghosts lately

Exact same problem I've managed to finish 2 out of 10 maps the rest I get kicked a few mins into game. How can this be sorted? Will iT need patching?