COD Ghosts License Transfer

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had bought the game Ghosts off of the marketplace on 360 and would be willing to license transfer for me? I had the game and unfortunately my xbox tipped a little and now I have a perfect circle around my disc. If anyone would do this it would be much appreciated. :-)


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Smart idea coming on the Xbox Forums asking for someone to break the ToS.

Like people actually read all that stuff. Anyways, they have license transfers for a reason.

op if you have friend who you could borrow a copy of the game from

you could use that to save to your hard drive then you only need your disc on the start up


I solved my problem. Thanks for not helping :-)

You ask a question about how to get something for nothing and then you make a smart-*** comment to the people that pointed out what you're doing is wrong????? Try buying the games like everyone else.


How did you solve your problem op?

I just ended up buying the Xbox One/360 bundle but the Xbox one is so garbage I can never play games or do anything on it.

you can easily fix any game, the plastic bottom can be polished 1000s of times, the data is so deep  you can't hurt it.

foam ball on a drill and plastic headlight polish, so many $3 games fixed like new