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I heard that for those of us that did the digital download, we won't get the freefall map for 3 weeks?! Can anyone confirm?



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I don't think I have even played it yet even with a retail copy.  I tend to get the same 3 maps at anyone time i play.

Ok so here's the news, I Looked into it on the rewards page. We will not get our Free Fall Map pack, Way until the 26th of November, Which is really upsetting because everyone else already has it. Hope this has helped and have a nice furry day!

I think you do if you are a rewards member.

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You aren't missing much


^ Pretty much this. IMO.

I have downloaded it from the demand thing, and it said that we are suppose to receive the token for the free fall map, it didn't say later it didn't say it wont, it said it would. So where is our tokens? I am kind of PO'd about this.

If you are a Xbox Live Rewards member the Freefall code will be sent via email on or around Nov. 26 check here for more info.

You aren't missing much