COD Ghosts. 0 players online.

Anyone have trouble with COD Ghosts on Xbox One? I cant find any games and the players online count is 0 which is odd. I reset the console and it went back to normal. After reseting once more the player count hit zero and wouldnt find any games. The NAT type is moderate as usual and havent had this issue before. I find it hard to believe that not a single player is online at all.


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That's a bit wierd.


There are tons of people online on ONE.


Though last night my buddies and I couldn't find a player on "Battlefield 4".  Maybe they were going through some sort of server refresh?


Is it still happening now?



That's weird, could be on Infinity Wards side of things, maybe the servers were down for them. That's all I can think of though.

Its still being.tempormental. when it finds a game ie blitz or domination it will kick me out and say again zero players online. So maybe this is an xbox server issue if the same problem is occuring with BF4. In the bottom left corner the map is lit up like a christmas tree but no players, then 20k pop out to play and im just like WTF!!!!!

Moderate you say? You should try fixing it to "Open". Try restarting your router. There's tons of videos on Youtube on how to fix your NAT.

OP, There has been a few times where mine hasn't even searched for a match and read 0 players. Maybe teething problems? I don't think it's your NAT mate

OP that's rude. People are trying to help you and you're not being very friendly.

How was that rude may i ask? It was not my intention at all and i fail to see how it could have been? Didnt swear at anyone didnt call anyone names or troll. How was it rude cage fighter?

Same thing keeps happening to me. Could it be a glitch? Did you ever figure it out or is it still happening to you too?

Havent seen any change yet sudsysky. Keep going to zero and back to 20k repeatedly. I. Have up on it and playing borderlands 2 till its sorted. It might be xbox servers or somethin to do with the game itself i honestly dnt know.