COD Ghost / Games on Demand release date?

COD Ghost / Games on Demand release date?

If im paying full retail, id like not to have to keep track of disc.

How long will I have to wait?


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Not really sure. It's up to Microsoft/Activision as to when they want to add it to the marketplace. I've noticed games have been added more quickly, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it on GOD within the first 3 weeks of release. But with this no one really knows when. Example: GTA V was supposed to be on GOD since release, but because of all the issues and patches being released, the game has been postponed from being added to the marketplace. Hope this helps.

Supposedly if you buy the 360 version of CoD Ghosts you will be able to upgrade to the xbox one digital version on launch day at  a discount. So while it might not be on the 360 marketplace it seems it will be on the one at launch.

Well with the game more final then most, id hope it would drop digital quick as I don't want to be left to far behind.

constant game of catch up in BO2 with friends.

BF4 will be just like GTAV; that 2 week beta that just ended a few days ago was a joke, as if they can fix everything before launch day Oct 29th, gonna need a patch day one to work. As I bet disc were being printed during beta.

I actually didn't encounter any problems in the BF4 beta.  Unlike the MoH beta.