COD Ghost Disk not playing in Xbox One

Same Issue here.  I bought two games with my "Day One" system Madden 25, and COD Ghosts.  Madden would play just fine, however; couldn't get COD to even show up in the home menu to load.  I called XBox support and the guy right away asked me what the bottom side of the COD disk looked like.  I said good, because it had just came out of the box cover for the first time.  But when I compared it to the Madden Disk I could see that it was damaged  It appears to be a manufacturing issue with the disk, almost like it got too hot when it was being made.  The Madden Disk was for the most part, a consistent color but the COD disk had a rainbow like sheen coloring to the back side.  I guess that was the reasoning why the laser cant read it.  Like I said the COD disk literary had just been opened, brand new; out of the cover.  I had bought it from Amazon and they are sending me a new one out today.  


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