CoD FFA competition?

AM I correct in understanding that the competition on the dashboard on BO this weekend is for FFA?


The four winners are to then form a team then fly to America to take on other teams in a grand final.


Wouldnt it be better if an actual team could enter than having to team up with random people if you happen to win?.



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they just want to give anyone (including solo players) the chance to win and have a little fun..... not everyone is a tryhard after all

Please dont use stupid words like "tryhard" . Who goes into a game wanting to lose!!


Let me guess Tam1, you're the best player in the world, you're going to win this tournament then enter your entire other team that you play every single match with, and think you'll fly to America to beat everyone over here with your super-duper CoD  skillz?

Dual scorpionz seems to have some real life problems.

Concentrate on losing a few pounds then your hands might not sweat so much ,champ :D.