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So i haven't been following MW3 much as i'm not into CoD much but i may think about getting MW3 and been hearing about the elite service and just had a few questions if anyone knows the info.


So i've read that with elite you get 20 packs of DLC but i really don't see how they work this out, it said something like you get DLC every month over 9 months so how does that work out at 20 DLC packs? other cod games only release like 3-5 DLC packs so how are they going to do 20 for MW3 also they are always 1200 MSP so if they done 20 packs at 1200 MSP that would cost £200 ($300) so surely they would be losing alot of money giving the DLC for free to elite members.


Also i'm guessing if you buy the subscription you have to enter your details and payment option, so my question is if you get the hardened edition and use the included 1 month elite sub do you still have to enter your details because i don't want to give activision my card details as i bet they try everything to get you to renew your membership after the first year.


What are your guys thoughts on elite, do you think it's worth paying for?


TLDR? will we really see 20 full DLC packs for MW3 this year?


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no. not full DLC packs. maybe some tiny extras here and there, but not 20 full 1200 MS point packs, no, lol. probably.

Just curious, where exactly did you hear that you would be seeing 20 DLC packs?

Ok so i just read some more info from the official call of duty website and heres what i found in the FAQ.


Q: If I get the premium annual membership to Call of Duty Elite, do I really get all of the Modern Warfare 3 DLC?

A:Yes. The annual subscription to Call of Duty Elite is an all-inclusive membership, and that means you get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 downloadable content, including all of the MW3 map packs and more as part of your premium membership. No need to buy additional DLC.


Q:How does the monthly DLC program for Call of Duty Elite members work?

A:Starting early 2012, we will be releasing 2-3 new pieces of multiplayer content for Call of Duty Elite members on a monthly basis. You will be notified in-game that new content is available. You simply have to download it and it’s ready to play. This new content will consist of a variety of new multiplayer maps, Spec Ops missions, and new game modes.


Also it says this "This offers an incredible value since it includes $60 of MW3 DLC at no additional cost."

So there will be 20 DLC packs but to buy them normal it's only worth $60 so these packs must be extremely small.

My guess is that for elite members they will release one or two maps (maps not map packs) each month or something like that and then they will release them in normal packs for the rest of the public, as they said elite members get content and maps before everyone else and i really doubt they will release 20 full packs so i think elite members will just get a new map each month.

I hate the fact that developers are going to get the idea they can get away with charging for all this damn DLC because of this...

Yes a new map or 2 every month

My only concern with the elite service is that right now on the beta the challenges for pins/badges seem to be mainly suited time wise for america. ie they seem to start around 9/10pm and go on untill after midnight/early hours.

Not exactly suitable if you have work in the morning

CoD Elite will only be worthwhile if you were planning on buying every DLC pack or doing clans/community stuff.

Otherwise it's not worth it.

[quote user="gameshoes3003"]

CoD Elite will only be worthwhile if you were planning on buying every DLC pack or doing clans/community stuff.

Otherwise it's not worth it.



I have never bought a CoD DLC pack in my life, and i took MW2 and black ops back after couple months of buying them.


But lately i seem to have a weird need to buy everything for a game even if it's not one of my favourites games, like i just bought the Fallout new vegas DLC even though i haven't played the game since about july and don't really intend to play it anytime soon but i will eventually go back and play it so i just downloaded the DLC.


But i'm just thinking if i buy the hardened edition and get a year elite then i could just get all the DLC.

Im not buying COD Elite but its a decent concept.