CoD Elite Fail

So i paid 50$  for 2 maps... hmmm x9 thats 18 so roughly 60 bucks so i did save 10 dollars but the real reason i got elite was for the clan support system which is not online and has to ETA. Thats complety trash to release a app and take money from people when its not complete. thats like getting netflix and finding out you only get the romance tab. I think "but know it wont ever happen" but microsoft needs to stem in and fix this for its players. They stepped in on Homefront why not one of their biggest sellers such as CoD.


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Elite members are  getting 10 multiplayer/survival maps, 6 spec ops missions and 2 extra game modes over the next 9 months.

Non elite will prob get 4/5 dlc bundles every 2 months.

 I understand complaints about stuff not working, but as far as the amount oyu pay, think about what you get.

  Normally there are 3 map packs for around $45 total. So you get that, plus all the other stuff they make available with elite for roughly the same price. Why would they give you more for less when they havent had any problems selling less for more all these years. It just doesnt make sense from a business viewpoint.

   While it sounds like a good deal, even with all the issues, I'll pass on te elite subscription. It sounds good when I think about whats in it for me, but I cant help asking whats in it for them. ........... and the answer I have for that doesnt look good for the future.