COD Camping Warfare 3

I knew this game was gonna be a big FAIL, but I pretty much bought it for single player. And survival mode.

Seriously, who pays $60 to sit in a damn corner? And omg the maps they STINK!

Graphics?? OH COME ON! instead of making one every year why dont you guys just frekin take time and make the game fresh again? Oh wait I know you just want money! HAHA thats right. Why? Where the heck were you guys banning people when the mods came out? Oh yea having fun counting in that money.

There are already a few modders out came across 7 already. What a big fail. But anyways, im not trav1isR a BF3 fanboy, but come on make it NEW, this is turning into EA sports games.

Damn, for example Forza Motorsport 4 had people hacking and BAM day one they were banned.

You guys need to step up.

I will just be playing spec ops :)


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Why are you here if you dislike the game so much?

Oh, and I wantn them to make a game every year because it entertains me. Therefor there is demand for the product. Oh and if they didn't put this game out every year the shareholders at Activision would make less money forcing them to cut development fund. I don't know a a single shareholder that wants that to happen. I don't know of a single fan that wants that to happen. You are a critic and you want it to happen. Who is rights here?

Oh I also like the NHL games by EA. I know they are very similiar every year. I only buy them every other year for this reason.

Comparing the amount of new content in this game to the new content in an EA sports game is pretty far off.

lmao, op, you have literally burgled my thoughts ;)


Especially that they make one very years knowing that fickle people like me and you and john thomas will buy it, and yesh I baught this for campaign and survival too!

LOL ….. You must have had a stupid day … I can see it now … Infinity Ward target you from way  high above. Sledgehammer was informed by Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer decided to mess with only you. Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer called Activision for final approval to mess with only you; Activision gave them the green light.

Yeah, you, and only you been messed with but in the end they made you buy the game, made you play the game to give you bad feelings, made you feel cheated for buying the game, they made you get owned by modders, and undetected hack programs they, they, they …… How about it is just you, and the way you perceive the game. Your certain expectations cause your feeling to react good or bad. For me it is just a game nothing more. Something for my entertainment, and that’s all. I spend the money, because it is my money, and I will buy whatever I want. No one forces me especially Activision or any other developers to buy there games….change how you see this industry you will feel much better. You can be a stockholder or just a player.  

well 'they' have messed the game up ever since cod 4, noy 'you' or me' they they they messed the game up with too many AI online kills


I paid £40 for this game so that gives me and everyone else their right to an opinion, sorry

People will always camp, and when you introduce new maps, more people will camp, it's just how it is.  Usually the games ease up on the camping once people learn the maps, it won't ever be non existent but less.


And about banning the hackers, it takes their most intelligent worker to be called in from Bermuda to analyze who is actually cheating.  You know because the guy with 1,000,000 kills and 0 deaths takes some heavy investigating.


I agree that the maps are wack, going to see if I get used to them.  COD is still COD, hope you weren't expecting them to re-invent the wheel, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, no way you were thinking that, hopefully.

At least theres not an online pass you have to get to play online like EA games.  Talk about wanting your money

Rant,rant,rant.I hate cod modders,I hate this game but, "I will just be playing spec ops".WOW. So your still going to play the game after all that.Even the people that hate game still cant keep there hands off it.

I played "Kill Confirmed" and there is little to no camping in that mode. If you camp, you dont get the tags, if you dont get the tags, you dont get the kill.  You HAVE to grab the tags. Its similar to Halo Reach skull mode in a good way. MW3 multiplayer is a lot better than MW2 and similar to BO multiplayer.    But still I feel MW3 is only a rental for me.  I just cant get into the COD series.  I get bored quck after about an hour of gameplay.  

Your rant might actually mean more to the community if it weren'r a free silver account with ZERO gamer score. And anyone who has played any of the previous Call of Duty titles would know that for the first few days or so people will camp up the maps until they learn them better.


Alternatively if you hate the game and players this much you should just stay away from the game altogether. It is not like there aren't other choices out there for you.

Too bad. I like the maps for the most part and think the graphics are decent. I do wish that they would put in a more stripped down gametype that would get people away from camping. Something that doesn't have all of the gadgets and attachments. That way people couldn't sit in a corner with their heart beat sensor waiting for someone to walk by. Hopefully they can add some later. For now I just wish they could get the connection issues worked out.

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