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I was wondering if anyone had any problems playing the old map pack First Strike? I bought and downloaded First Strike when it came out a while back and I downloaded the Escalation maps too. But when I try to play the First Strike maps in multiplayer online, they are not avaliable to play. The Escalation maps are the current maps that shows. I tried downloading the First Strike maps again but I'm still not able to play them.

Are old maps being removed when new maps come out?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!





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they are not removed, they just dont come up as much as the other maps. i dont think activision/ treyarch are that greedy that they would disallow older map packs for other people to play. i end up playing on the first maps a lot myself.

There aren't seperate playlists for them anymore but they are still in the rotation. Are you partied up with people that don't have any of them?

If I paid for those maps, I should be able to play them when I want. I have old Gears of War maps that bought years ago and I can still play them today. Sounds shady to me.

No, I normally go to XBOX Live in Black Ops and there's no option to play on the First Strike Maps.

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No, I normally go to XBOX Live in Black Ops and there's no option to play on the First Strike Maps.


The first strike maps are now part of the regular map rotation when playing online. But as someone else already stated if you are in a party with someone who does NOT have the first strike maps they will not come up as an option.

If you only want to play those maps, play split screen, combat training, or private match. 

Otherwise you will just have to get lucky and hope a map you want to play comes up.

There is nothing 'shady' going on with the older map packs.

Now that Treyarch has released their third map pack and a fourth one appears to be in the works, they should just set up a special playlist for just the 12 new maps that has a variety of game modes.

wow...OP must be high as a kite or dumb as a box of rocks...

Ok, got it! Thanks everyone for the info. Just thought it was kinda wierd.