CoD Black Ops 2 lag

When i play Black Ops 2, the "connection interrupted" error comes like 3-4 times a match. I dont have a slow connection too. Please help.


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Wait a minute... I have to get my crystal ball.

The game is broken dude, half the time the host ragequits/dashboards. Someone is always getting screwed on the other end.

Maybe most times host quits its because they have best Internet and treyarch being idiots they are trying to make the slow Internet users the same which means I end up being shot 2 seconds before going round corner or after emptying a clip in to someone's back and getting 3 hit markers for them to turn round and kill me with one shot

^ that is exactly what happens when they DON'T balance and spread the bandwidth out for the whole lobby.

but because treyarch didn't put an aggressiv lag comp(like IW did with Mw3) into the servers everyone with high end or fibre broadband have 1-2sec advantage to average or low speed connections causing things what you mentioned in your post BAR STEW4ARD. we need a strong comp to balance the MP game play.  MW3 was boring etc, but IW tuned their lag comp way better than treyarch that's for sure

I call B.S. on that because I pay for 30 mps Comcast internet and still lag and stuff.

 @ yanos AND lumberjack


    What neither of you are realizing is that just because you are having problems, doesnt mean the guy you are going up against isnt.


   Since there is no making lag go away, the only thing they can do to keep it fair is to give each equal bs.


   I was in a match last night and thought it was interesting, because it was the first I had actaully heard someone who killed me complain about the lag hindering them at the same time I was blaming the lag on my  death.

   I was laying on the ground capping "b" on cargo, and watched a dude as he passed behind a container. I started firing and getting hitmarkers just as he came out the other side. He came at me seemingly unphased and killed me.

  When the final killcam played he was like " look at this, I'm pinging him right in the head and he still manages to get hits on me"   .... not exact words, but basically.


  He saw himself shooting me in the head repeatedly and I managed to fire back getting hits on him. I saw someone who wasnt even shooting me at the time take a whole extended mag from a skorpion and kil me with a short burst.


  I guess that's fair ............ maybe would have been more fair if I was the one who got the kill, but I'm sure he felt he deserved it as much as I did.

Same here..I get the connection error mostly when I play at night. Never had this issue with the other COD games. I have high speed Internet and am wired direct.

treyarch hasnt realized that lag compensation doesn't work. i shouldn't empty a clip in someone and he turns around and shoots one time and gets the kill. This game is just black ops 1 but in a different box and with some new features. The template for how to make a online game not lag is out there but they just don't seem to care. lag was one of the huge reasons the first black ops sucked and then they turn around and feed us the same crap as last time.