There is a new "account" on FaceBook entitled "COD4 Mod Cheaters". They are uploading video clips when CHEATERS are caught!!!!!! They are ALSO naming gamertags!!!! I can't remember the tag of the person who started this, but I did receive a message from him informing me of this site. I have made a comment on the page.    I am not set-up, (yet), to be able to video a clip. Contact this person. He is looking for more "cheating" clips from COD4 to upload. I think you contact him to send him your clip, then he will upload it. Check it out!!!!!

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it still won`t get the game fixed.

All this work just for a Cod game that won't be fixed? Lol

    All you guys look at this one-sided. I'm beyond caring if the game gets fixed. I have taken the steps of not re-newing my SILVER accounts. I was just trying to pass along some NEW info.

      This is about BANNING the CHEATERS. If you look in the area of "file a complaint" on the console, while playing a game, you will see that it says something to the effect of "We look at EVERY complaint filed. I say BULLSHIT! If you watch the video of BOOTBLACK talking about how Xbox ENFORCES the rules (Xbox Laws), you will hear something on these lines: "If you have a higher percentage of truthful complaints (i.e., the ones Xbox investigates and find to be accurate) then we investigate more vigourusly. If you have a lower percentage of justifiable complaints (i.e., false complaints, etc.) then we kind of let that pass". Now, those are not the exact words, but if YOU listen to the video, you will get the gist of what Bootblack is saying.

       WHEN I did play COD4, I bet I filed 20 or more complaints A DAY! Whether that was a modded avatar, the spamming crap infection cheats that plaque the screen or for any other JUSTIFIABLE reason. Not once do I feel I have filed a false complaint. NOT ONCE have I seen anyone I have reported on the Suspension forums complaining about how THEY were done wrong. And before you say, "Well, a lot of them don't post on the suspension forum", I'm talking possibly close to 500 complaints I have filed. I would say the chances of NO ONE posting is slim to none.

        I may have seen ONE person on the suspension forums that was banned from an infraction on COD4. (and it wasn't anyone I reported). LIVE should follow PSN's lead and shut down everything until they get it worked out. But no, the Gods Of Microsoft have got to keep their greedy little paws out to all the idiotic gamers that continue to support them. This is not just a COD4 problem, but if I took the time, I am sure I could name quite a few of the games that are being ruined.

         I guess what I am saying is IF M$ "truly" cared about the situation, they would take (more) action. I noticed, of all the XBLPET that answer posts in the suspension forum, only ONE shows COD4 on their games played (the 5 games under gamer pic). Most show WAW, MW2 and Black Ops. How about hiring MORE personnel or (for Heaven's sakes) have the current ones do a little MORE.

         Yes, I was concerned about COD4 since it was the only on-line game I played (I believe 47 days, as listed on the boards). I enjoyed Xbox Live. No more. But ya'll keep DEFENDING the M$ team, lay it all on the developers. I have said and still say M$ could do a Hell of a lot more then is being done! I'm not the only one that is no longer giving away money to M$.

          Also, this is my LAST post, so ya'll enjoy, have fun and take care! And I mean that in a good way....

my gold runs out on monday and i couldn`t care less.

If a broken Cod is the reason you are quitting XBL then you really won't be missed.