Cod 4 hacked and can't play =[.

Joined hacked lobby in cod 4 and i got -1,900,000 exp so the game considers me under lvl 1. Game modes say "unlocked at lvl 1 private" and so im not allowed to play the game i just purchased...sigh.

If i could please somehow get reset to lvl 1 or my previous lvl i would be very thankful. i just want to play the game as soon as possible

Thank you, 



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Start over with a new account, or just don't play this game anymore.  They won't do anything about the hackers and they can't help you reset your level.  Next time, if you are in a hacked lobby, don't just exit the match. Turn off your XBOX, or dashboard, to avoid saving the hacked game results.  

anche a me è successo!!!

Same thing had happened to me I also can't join a match.

So in sum, Activision (and Microsoft to an extent) are letting people get screwed over in a game and not doing anything about it? That's... bad.

This JUST happened to me. I just picked up COD4 for the first time in years and I had no idea that this was happening. My Lvl 55 was reset and now I can't play any gametype on Live.

And there's no patch to fix this, and there's no way this is getting rolled back? This is kind of ***.

Yeh sadly so many people are breaking the TOS in CoD4 and WaW but MS and Activision seems to not care anymore because they are old.

Activisions reason is because they want you to go buy the new titles (the crappier ones too)

And Microsoft.. man don't get me started on Microsoft.

A shame. I keep popping back onto these forums hoping that someone is going to say it's all fine to play this game again! I would LOVE to play this game again. IMO it's the best game ever made. But, I wouldn't go online again to risk my gold cross for a bunch of hackers - it took me ages to get that bad boy..

Actually, I would love to know how many people still play this online...

its fine if you know what to look for,if you suspect something suspicious just dashboard or turn off your xbox so your stats arent saved..DO NOT BACK OUT NORMALLY or your stats will be saved then you're in trouble, when you log back on just avoid click on player review and avoid the last 8 players you well as deranking look out for prestige lobbies where when you shoot someone you get thousands of points for one kill and look out for the weapons hack where you will only be able to use one weapon permanently in multiplayer...ive played this game since release and ive come across 2 prestige lobbies and 2 deranked lobbies and im still on because i know what im doing and still loving the game.

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