Cockney accent and the Bootlegger please!

I hope both these (and more) make a return. Also, having Mastodon back for the Threepeat would be pretty awesome. And thank you lord for finally having a Tank that actually crushes cars. Only took half a decade into the " next gen ", but it looks worth the wait.

So, any hidden gems you'd like to see return?


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I'd like more unlockable homies and the cars and clothes. but mostly more homies like all of them from both games and more new ones.

As long as Male Voice 1 comes back.  I love just about everything from SR2 so whatever can be upgraded for SR3 will be great!

As long as the Bootlegger is in it, I'll be a happy chappy.

yeah i want more voice acting from like famous pepole like actors,actress, sports atheltes,and etc

i hope kboom comes back and the phoenix as well

Yes, male voice 1 is an absolute must-have in the game, heh, it was fantastic!

I want italian. I need EZIO darn it!

I would like to see some more of those hidden places, like the office or the islands. Those were pretty awesome!

I would also like to see Johnny have his hair and glasses combo come back, it's hard to recognize him now.

hidden cars and costumes for completeing activites or car surfing like in SR2!!!