what do you need to play with a friend. I got the white soapstone and tried to get him to summon me and nothing. We are close in lvl and have tried us both being hollowed, only one hollowed, and both human and nothing. I don't really get it, has anyone got it to work if so what did you do? How do you do it? and we have been at the same spot of course.


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I usually can't summon others for some reason, but I finally got some awesome player today and we tore up the Gargoyles. Even managed to snag the Gargoyle Tail Axe from the excursion. It works, just sometimes it doesn't apparently. I haven't bothered putting my soapstone down yet, mainly because I'm curious if it's reusable or if it's like in Demon's where you can only use it once and you need multiples.

Its reusable like the blue stone in demon souls

Looks like they don't want all the Exploiting that whent on in demon souls, and made it so you can only play Co-Op with random players.

I think there must be some type of server issue because I was seeing many summoning Signs on the ground and everyone I tried to summon and it said the player was trying to join, and you see the path get blocked by that wall of white smoke so they can join you, but they never join, it fails everytime. I don't know what the problem is. I heard this problem was over in Japan too when it was first released, but I guess they havent fixed it yet. But I thought they did as there was a patch on the day of the release.

This game would have been bada$$ if they hadn't put so dam many restrictions on the game like no party char u cant do co-op at all i tryed for 2 days now and it's not posable with out being in a diffrent country or being a beta player they got to co-op not one person i have seen yet or have talked to was able to co-op even a boss this game is a huge let down now i'm stuck in same spot for almost 24 hrs =*(

Going to kind of base this off demon souls when it's first released, the coop had a few problems there as well like you could try and summon someone and it would keep saying no connection or keep saying connecting or summoning for like 5 hours straight.  But after they sent their first patch it fixed it all up and you can coop with anyone in a matter of seconds

I think for dark souls it's the same, but I also think they have alot of rules to it before it works like one player has to be human form and also both players should have the summoning stone thing (the white crystal you get from that Knight before the dragon) for it to work. I know one thing......the pvp aspect works and being ambushed by a player and npcs that are ally with him is just a kick in the ....ya