I am hoping that Battlefield 3 will have a deeper coop mode.   Sometimes I get tired of playing vs.  and just want to hang out with friends and shoot things.


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Definitely wouldn't hurt if it did.

A mission-oriented version of onslaught would be good. Something along the lines of the spec-ops missions in CoD or the instant action mode in Socom.

They could go a step forward with a quick mission editor. You could take any MP map, set the number and difficulty of enemies, specify available vehicles, and set objectives. That would be pretty fun for co-op players.

A mission editor would be awesome, but I don't think most console gamers would be able to appreciate it. They would just make games with a spawn full of Apaches and a bunch of easy AI enemies in an open field; or something stupid easy like that. I wish we could get a decent milsilm on console with an editor.

Off topic, but does anyone still play OF: Dragon Rising? I might have to pick that up again.

I could be very wrong, but I swore they said something about 4 player co op campaigns...correct me someone

I think you're correct, Padiwan.

4 player campaigns would be AWESOME