Co-Op with someone who kept the Brothel

I'd like to get the achievement for the Swinging Sword and I kept the orphanage. For some reason all of the prostitutes in my game have decided that they love me, so I can no longer invite them for ***. I'd also love for someone to come to my game so I can open the demon door that requires two heroes. I've completed the game, so I can help you with whatever you need in return.


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I got the multiple partner cheevo without the brothel. Just find a handful of citizens with looser morals and get them to follow you into a bed.

Condoms are in the merchandise store in bowerstone market look for furniture place - then go direct opposite of that section near jail cells

I have the "Brothel" in one of my save states but forget which 1

not to toot my own horn but 10 partners at once here - top that - am I a Playah or what?!?!?

Check the general merchandise shops/booths. Usually you can find them with 5 in stock at a time.

Ive yet to find condoms in Fable 3 in shops.......check dressers in houses or ask someone....maybe they can give u one has a gift.......Cassiel...Ive been threw game before so I dont make a big deal about keys and gnomes...however I do enjoy playing coop.

Where is the vender or place to buy condoms? After I shak the hooker she leaves me a condom gift on the table

There is no specific 'achievement' involving prostitues, but I see what your referring to, you want to fully upgrade the Swinging Sword. There is an achievement for fully upgrading a weapon, and it can be done with any weapon.