Co-op.. Who gets score in Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune?

When playing co-op, I know that the visiting hero does earn seals and gold, but I don't know whether all the score goes to the host hero in competitive things like the Reaver's Mansion Wheel of Misfortune or the Mortar at the Mourningwood Fort .

I have played through Fable III multiple times and usually manage at least 1.000,000 points in the Wheel of Misfortune and can often go over 2.000 at the Fort. Now I am playing co-op with a good friend who is new to the game. If we play this co-op, will my score go to her so she can get the weapons? I don't want to take points away from her by playing with her. She needs the weapons, especially Dirty favorite rifle. 


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Don't know about wheel of misfortune game but your partner will most likely have to go into her world and play the mortar game. If you play together and score 2,000 she'll probally get the acheivement but thats it. I haven't really tried it but that's what im guessing. Also when playing co-op you do earn guild seals from fighting and if your buisness partners they will also earn gold. And if i'm thinking correctly the dirty harriet is a dlc weapon from the understone quest pack and if your co-op player doesn't ahve that they won't be able to get that weapon.

It looks like I've answered my own question now. Since I didn't see any answers before we had a chance to play, we played in my new game first. We both fought, but the entire score went to the host player (me). So we repeated it in her game and she got all the score. I didn't realize those weapons (and, probably the wheel side game) came with the Understone DLC. My husband bought all the games and DLC way before I ever played it, so I thought that was just part of the original game.

I haven't tried co-op yet with the mortar, but I wonder if only one person can do that at a time. It will be fun to see if we can both be shooting at the same time.

p.s.-off topic:  Opie, Wow! you have some pretty impressive achievements in Halo:Reach!  I think I'm out of my league in Halo. Fable is more my game.

-Off Topic-  Practice makes perfect pistlpacknmama, but I feel you.  I have all my Halo's sitting on my game rack, as I'm too caught up in Fable!!

Yeah you can both play the mortar game at the same time. It's pretty fun you should try it out. And I love halo and fable. I actually got all the Fable III acheivements and just play now to help others out.