Co-op Weapon Unlocks

Finally got all the co-op weapon unlocks and couldnt wait to try the G3A3 and I was a bit dissapointed, this gun used to rock in BC2 and because it was the final co-op unlock I was expecting a bit more. Am I missing something or has anyone else struglled with this weapon?


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I liked the M39 EBR! no there all good except for that mp7?  smg  << hated it..

G3a3 is amazing. Try and get a scope of you don't like the iron-sight.

I've only unlocked 3 of the guns...and only really tried the MP7, which is completely worthless with the P90 in the game, which totally kills it in every way imaginable.

The 553 is awesome, imo.

The KH2002, SG553, and G3A3 are all great weapons. I don't know how the G3 is bad, it always kills with at least a double tap of the trigger for me. I find myself using the KH2002 more though because it has more accuracy which helps on most maps. The SG553 is definitely worth using, although I just unlocked the A-91 and it seems pretty good. The MP7 is alright as a spare weapon for the recon kit until you unlock the UMP. The REX just flat out sucks hard in this game, it takes 3 shots to kill (half the clip) and the hit makers seem way messed up for me because I seem to never hit my target. The M93 is alright, but the other pistols can shoot just as fast and can have attachments, plus they don't kick the a mule. The EMR is also a good weapon, but I seldom use a sniper rifle in this game. They lack the punch they had in previous games so it's hard to be on the move with rifles now.

EMR has PLENTY of Punch! works well with the acog scope at close range and the search light at the end there too :]

plus it has whole range of scopes to unlock..