Co op war games on a single Xbox

I thought I'd play a little halo 4 on Xbox live, this works fine single player but when I try to add a guest to play on the same Xbox it won't let me. You used to be able to lay online with more than one player on one Xbox, as there is no instruction manual I have no idea how to do please

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To play online with guests I am pretty sure you need a gold account.  

I have a gold account, do they need one too?

Just tested it, it worked for me. Just sign in a guest and it should work.


Edit: They only need Gold too if they use their own profile, if they just use the guest profile then you should be fine as long as the account you're using has Gold.

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I have a gold account, do they need one too?


If you are gold then they should just be able to sign in.  .  Not sure if you can play Spartan Ops with a guest but I know for sure there are plenty of guests in the multiplayer. I see guests online all the time in Halo 4

I don't get why this wont work, it works absolutely fine in single player, yet when I sign in with a guest it won't allow us to play, it says we have an invalid membership

Do you have the 2nd disk installed?