Co-op Story Vs MP

Ok I know alot of us Gears hardcore fans are not really enjoying "Judgement" but I was wondering if anyone else noticed this. I played alot of MP yesterday and the beta aswell, I found out things that I love about Gears was missing:

Downed Locust was gone, so was the curb stomp & finished excusions.

Active Reloads

Maps & Modes

Cogs Vs Locust

Frag Tags along with Frags on the wall


Now I played about 20 minutes of the Co-op Story and notyiced that it had "Finishers & Curb Stomps" etc everything that the MP was missing?


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Most of the things they took our from mp was because people requested it. By April 2nd we are getting a free map and execution. So at least we're getting back one of the best game modes and I have been told that two other older maps are soon to come.

And out of all the things you said is gone, only thing I miss is Cog vs Locust. When I'm tried it's hard for me to tell people apart just by their colors lol.

v v v v This is a link where it talks about April 2nd

If I am right wasn't "Execusion" in Gears 1 where you can get up after awhile and the only way you can die if you get Executed?

Active reloads are there.  I got a bunch yesterday.

I think you're mistaking execution from warzone with the no dbno's on gow1 and I don't think they're active rather i think it's just a quicker than normal reload hence the ammo not flashing after  

Can't wait I wish they had the following modes:

War Zone, Execution & King Of The Hill

Yeah, the MP and SP/CO-OP seem like two different code bases all together. Free for all is fun and I rarely play anything other than team based game types.  This title did some ambitious stuff and I like something different every now and then.