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I'm trying to play Split Screen Multiplayer online and it says i cant because both players need to have xbox live. But this was never an issue until i started using my wireless adapter for xbox live. Any clue to why this is happening?

do i  need to have a full subscription? i currently am using a 2 day trial.

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A game doesn't recognize whether a player has a trial or paid Gold subscription. Perhaps the individual you're trying to play with doesn't have Gold?

Sometimes you can't split screen, it must be done over xbox live on separate television. Not sure if thats your problem.

There are some games that let you play locally without everyone having a xbox live id but lets you split screen (halo 3 for example); however, there are some games that if you want to play split screen you need to sign in with an account, but it doesn't have to be one with gold or a live id for that matter (i.e. Gears of War 2).  


So which game are you having an issue with?  Would be helpful to know which one you are having a problem on. :)

Thanks for the speedy reply!

When I was at my old home I was playing MW3 online with 2 player split screen and the other player signed in as a guest. I had my ethernet cable connected.

Now at my new house I use a wireless network adapter and try to play online split-screen but it says the guest has to have an xbox live gold account all of a sudden.

So I'm thinking maybe its due to the fact that its a wireless network? Or the fact that I'm using a 2 day trial pass to xbox live gold?

Make sure you can join that playlist with a guest account.

Also make sure your second controller is signed in as a guest account.

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when i try to add another player to the playlist it says add guest or other account and when i try to do so it doesnt allow me to add another player because they have to have xbox live gold to play , even as a guest.

same as me