Co-op Mission: "The River"

Holy crap, what do you have to do to get a Gold Medal on this thing, sheesh.

The normal posse I play with, we got Gold on All the Rest of them No Problem...(we even survived every Wave on all the Undead Over-run levels)...but for some stupid reason, this Gold Medal on "The River" is eluding us.  This is beginning to get irritating.


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That mission is a real pain, so don't feel bad for not getting gold on it at first. The secret is that you have to headshot about half of the enemies and also finish it real fast. So no time-outs to fully reload at an ammo box. I believe my normal group timed it like 11-12 minutes to finish the entire stage for gold. Anything past that you will get silver.

Yay, finally got it.

You're only have right, btw.  Time limit doesn't matter, just need to get a score of $6,800 or more (combined total)...$10,000 if you're playing on Advanced Co-Op.