Co-op mission fault...


I am currently playing through borderlands again ready for Borderlands 2.

This time I decided to jump into a co-op game online, chasing the "and they'll 2 friends achievement"

When I went back to my single player game I had a whole heap of missions from the co-op game in my mission list. Some of these are from places I aren't up to this play through. (Salts etc) Is there anyway to get it back to just my missions so I can continue through the story as usual.

Also, there is one from way back at the start, (level 2 mission) where I have to go get a shield from the vending machine then turn it on at Zed, but he is not there because he has moved.

I am currently level 29 and can not be bothered starting a new play through. Any suggestions or is it just stuffed and I am am better off just continuing through until I get up to where the bloke was I joined?

Cheers for your help.

Can not wait for Borderlands 2 to come out!


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its a known mission bug  in multiplayer   the only way to fix it is to find games that are open and have these missions available to complete