Co-op? How does it work?

So I hear there is no ability to have a private chat and/or party chat at all with this game. Is it possible to play co-op with a friend? If so, has anyone found a way to do it?

I have the game on pre-order and can't wait to play it tonight but my friend is on the verge of buying it but not sure what I can tell him about the co-op.


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Well the good news is that spot you're at is a good spot for grinding/farming.  You can easily get those souls back by letting the dragon keep killing all the dudes on the bridge, run downstairs to the bonfire, respawn them and head back up.  

Rinse and repeat.  :)

Yeah I totally learned that the hard way last night. Was trying to run past this red dragon and got cooked, had about about 4500 souls on me and I died. So I dashboarded as quick as I could like a wussy, just to load back up into the animation of me burning again lol. So yeah wont do that again! Not only did I die again, but I could not recover the 4500 souls I had before, since I had turned the game off. I felt really dumb lol. This game is a kick in the gibblies, and i LOVE it!

because the game is meant to be a challenge.   but it basically saves whenever you equip, unequip, drop items.    

[quote user="AreteBK"] Also, just to add to it, why is there no pause menu, things come up in real life, i can't play the game non-stop![/quote]If I had to take a stab at that question, the reason would be because the game is, essentially, always in multiplayer mode. It's the same as not being able to pause in, say, a match of Slayer in Halo or during an online race in Forza. Everything is in constant motion, and a person could interact with your world at any given moment.

To play with a friend, you would need to arrange to be in roughly the same place, and one of you would have to drop the White Soapstone.  The stone is made available to you by talking to Solaire after beating the Taurus Demon.  Also, one of you must be in human form, and the other Hollowed.  They never really designed the game to facilitate planned coop...just random coop partners.  It works quite well with randoms.  Nobody can do anything to gimp your game, and generally, people want to help so they can regain their humanity.

The lack of pause was always intended to force people to be prepared, by having thier slots properly equipped, and not being able to use pause as a panic button.  In addition to the constant saves each time you do...well, just about anything, you can simply quit the game at any point and it will save for you in that exact spot.

Which is really, REALLY not smart on the part of the developers, if there is co-op i want it with a buddy not a random. Also, just to add to it, why is there no pause menu, things come up in real life, i can't play the game non-stop!

you leave a blue stone and someone can use it to jump in, however, most likely it wont be your friend. More likely a random. No chat, no party chat, no voice to voice at all.