Co-op Games - Assistance

I am looking for some fellow gamers who are able to help and play a few co-op games with? The games that I have that I wish to continue playing in co-op or start of fresh are:

Borderlands (The last DLC Content that was made available)


Saints Row 2

Portal 2


Dead Rising 2

Some of the above I have not even started yet so if anyone is interested and wish to help then please drop us a friends request etc......


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If you have a mic, I can give you a hand with the Portal 2 achievements (except for the one that makes you play the calibration test with someone who has never played the game before).


Send me a friend request and if you see me online, just ask to play (I can't always play for long due to work, but I can help out here and there).

Me and the Graw2 boys can get you the co-op achievements in one night and maybe a few others you might need along the way.Just recently completed the Co-op campaign in Saints Row 2 with a couple other forum buddys and can help you or suggest a friend for help on this.

I have every one of those games except Dead Rising 2. Feel free to add me.

I can help with all except Portal 2, feel free to add me.

I can help you with the last Borderlands DLC. My only problem is that I can't play online for a while.

I still have GRAW2 and Saint Row can add me if you want but i don't use mic.