Co-Op DogTags

the new patch will unlock these unobtainable tags for everyone.
even the top leaderboard players in Co-Op did not have them so now finally everyone whos played co-op gets them.


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Thank DOG!

^ You're a comedian vibro.

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah ! another dog tag no one will use..  unless they put a nice carbon background and some gold in there.

speaking of players not using the tags they unlock, any Colonel level player running around with blank tags is just a big pu*sy c.u.n.t, be proud of all the tags you've unlocked and who gives a sh*t if anyone knifes you they can't wear those tags your wearing, unless they unlocked them too.

took long enough eh? lol i remember when they released a patch waay back that was said to make them obtainable, never worked. when i first started playing and collecting tags i put hooouuurrsss into the coop, just to realize that you cant get them. too bad ill never get that score back either, oh well. The tags didnt even look that good in the preview imo anyways.

This could of broken the record for longest ever fix,  the previous record holder was the win/loss screen on bc2