Co-op Campaign?

I've looked at both multiplayer and campaign options and can't seem to find the co-op option for campaign.    Where is it hiding?  Do I have to beat the game to unlock it?


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I believe you have to go into the "choose network" option within the menus, and select co-op on your Xbox there.  I'm typing this from work, so I can't check the exact order of the menus right now, but I do recall it had to do with that.  I will try to post the specifics for you later if I am able!

No rush because I plan to play through on Heroic before I try co-op, and thats only if I decide to beat it on legendary like I did the original.  I bought it just to occasionally play, because I must've played it hundreds of times back when it first came out.

I just send an "invite to game" request to a buddy, they accept then you should be good to go ! If they have the game on, there name should show as people playing this game, highlight there name press "A" and again you should be good to go !

This solution did not work for me.

Scenario: 2 players logged in on same Xbox 360. One player starts CEA Campaign and the Press "A" to "Join" does not show up so the 2nd person can play. Same thing happens if other player starts the game or if one player invites the other player.

Question: What do I need to do so both of us can join and play the campaign together, on the same console?

Thx in advance for the help.


I think you just need to have two players signed in on your console, or invite someone else to your party/session over Xbox Live, then go to campaign and it will automatically be co-op.