Co-op campaign start to finish

I need ALL of the co-op campaign and arcade mode achievements. Start to finish. Anyone interested? I need people who can and are willing to dedicate a rather large chunk of time to this. I would like to have a full team to get all of the co-op campaign stuff in one playthrough. I'm unemployed and single so I've got ALOT of time on my hands here people. MAKE IT HAPPEN! XD

Also, I have the Season Pass so you can count on me to be heavily involved in all things Gears 3 for months to come. 


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Lucky guy? I wish I had that kind of time. But I'm not willing to lose my job, house or family for it.  We can help you from about 7:30 -10ish PM nightly if youd like. Oh and yes we have the Horde command pack as well.

Count me in on the 4 person co-op. I work thru the week but off Friday-Sunday. Drop me an invite or a FR.

Btw, I'd prefer if you rocked a mic. I would imagine communication would be critical on insane. X) Lastly, no A-holes or immature smack talking idiots please. Add me people! XD

I rock a mic but just a really quiet guy (you know what they say bout the quiet ones! Haha) and yes, communication is a big help

Ha, ha well... kinda, I suppose. If you've got plenty of time chances are you have little money though. 8/ This economy man. 8( Plus, WV is just a very poor state in-general. Anyway, this will take days to complete and I don't wanna drag it out over several 2 to 3 hour sessions because it seems harder to keep an organized team going about it that way. If your still interested, add me.

I'd really like to get it done this weekend so... 8D

I'm in Indiana and it sucks here as well, I'm bout to get laid off from work due to orders being low, but I'm always online even if it says offline, I'm sending you an FR now. Also got a friend who wants to hit the 4 player co-op on insane but he's married and has a kid, but he's able to play most nights after the kids in bed.

Sounds good man. I'm usually on late most nights so we should be able to knock this out if we can get one more person.

I can do this tonight and tomorrow night. Night is really the only time my connection is reliable.