Co-op anyone?

Right now I'm just slowly playing through the game, but looking for someone to go through with on Co-op with. Anyone who does so, I will gladly return the favor and join you in your game to complete it for you as well.


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I am willing to play. Already 100% through, unlimited health, unlimited ammo. No cheats.

Me too, finished 100% no cheats.. I just need two challenges, Gang survival and Commando kills, I would like to join someones unfinished game.

gotta 75% percent solo already, would like to start from scratch co op with somebody else who is willing to start from scratch

I'll play coop with you from your game but I'll keep my where it is.

I'm trying to finish the challenges, and then the alternate ending. Send me a msg/invite, or you can join my game.

I just need 38 more gang members taunted... have 100% completion with all upgrades earned/unlocked. I'm available to help out others, just send me a message/FR.

I'm looking for a Co-op player with a Mic. The last 3 people that I have played with, did not have a Mic and it's kind of frustrating to play this game without any communication . . . (for me at least).