Co-op achievements

I've played the first three missions from start to finish on online public, but none of the achievements unlocked. Anyone know what I need to do? Does the entire party have to stay together until the end? Thanks.


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The co-op was frustrating. I did all the missions over and over again to get the achievements. If one player drops out, your hosed. I did finally get the achievements and my 1000 of 1000. Keep at it you'll get it eventually.

I've given up on online co-op and started playing offline by myself which gets the achievements but defeats the whole purpose of co-op mode.

Does anyone know if you can pick and choose what missions you want to search for, is it random or do you always have to start at the first one and play them all in a row?

I hope you don't have to play them all in a row.  That would be ridiculous.

I believe you if you can't connect the available lobbies you get to host one. That's the only time you get to choose. its really frustrated because I always join a match I've done many many times.....