Co-Op Acheevos

Im looking for anyone that wants to work on the co-op acheevos, I have none, would prefer if you were the host with a brand new character so i can use mine, I use NO Cheats, friend request me if interested


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I need the achievements too :) add me if u wanna do them

im in the same boat as you gus, need the achievements and am not wanting to use any cheats so hit me up if you want

I just wanna start over and have fun and get a lot of the cheevos.  I'm 20 with a mic.  If you wanna play, send me a friend request and a message.  Please no squeakers.  Also, I don't use cheats and refuse to use them.

I'm up for this as well. I have all the DLC and use NO CHEATS. Send me a FR and a message, and let's get this started.

i will play saints row 2 all day! i don't use cheats and love playing co-op. add me so we can raise hell in stillwater!! anyone add me if you want to have some fun.

well i just traded it in, so if you have sr3 add me and we can have some fun.

I still need mine as well add me I have a guy at 85% or I can start a new one I don't care which.