C'mon MS! Why no first party flight yoke/sticks? with rumble and or FF?!

Out of ALL the things this amazing company put out over the years, why they havent attempted to produce a flight stick with feedback of some sort is puzzling... I can only wish of a MS developed true flight sim or something along the lines of Sturmovich bundled w/ a flight flight made by MS including rumble and or FF much in the same way the brought the amazing wheel.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! C'mon!


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Do you mean like this?

or maybe Like this?

there are Flight sticks out there just not Microsoft made ones, it's the same with a lot of stuff especially fight and flight sticks

He did say First party. . . not third!.

MS did have the MS sidewinder which was hot!, but they bowed out of the gaming hardware market a while ago.

I want a light gun and a game where I shoot things that blow up.

A flight stick for what game?

The only worthwhile flight sims are made by Gaijin and they only have three titles for the Xbox 360.

I hope they bring 1st party support for a wheel for Forza/ other racers and yes a 1st party flight yoke/stick would be swell also for X1