cluster pay off??? plz help

Dose any one know what the pay off is for the clusters is conversation wise with the group? i played through the game a second time to finish them before the end of the game for this sole purpose and the damn game gliched and trapped me in the chair. so i couldn't talk to any one and had to reload the game. so when i did this and got out of the animus chair the option to talk to them was no longer there. if i had a previous save to go back to and load from this would not be an issue. this game has gone from my favorite game to my least favorite in a matter of minutes, i do not want to play through AGAIN for this unless i am certain it will affect something in the story line. the nerd rage is intense at the moment hoping one of you can diffuse it , it would be appreciated

thanks :)


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No one knows because it keeps glitching no matter what. Ubisoft haven't fixed it yet and it is annoying.

thank you at least its not just me. that makes me feel better at least. i was so mad i dropped my controler and grabbed my laptop lol