Clues to the riddles

I can't remember from the original batman, but do you only see the riddle clues after you solve them?  I go to where it says the riddle is and randomly scan all around until it find something and then it gives me the clue to the riddle.  Isn't it supposed to give me the clue first, so I can try and work it out?


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this was brought up in another thread.

if your riddles are not showing,the green text on screen when you enter a particular area,you need to go back to the area where you saved all the medical staff very early in the game.

the staff will have gone and the riddler will appear on the wall and this should activate the riddle part of the game.


Thanks for your response.  I did search for the answer but couldn't find anything.  I still can't find where this was posted previously, could you put up the link.

I see about two or three green texts across the whole map, but no more than that.  If I go to where a riddler's secret says riddle on the map, then there is no text.

When you say "got o where you saved the medical staff", do you mean the church or somewhere else?  I went to the church, but no video there.


I've found that thread.  I don't think i am having the same issue.  I see a couple of the riddles, but that's it.  There are many areas I go to where the map says there is a riddle, but none appears on the screen.

yes i meant the church,where harley quinn was holding them hostage.

the medical staff should be gone and the riddler will be projected on to the wall.

on your map the riddles show up as a symbol like this,[ ].

i am not sure though if they show up before you interogate the green goons,which happens it the second half of the game.

i am not sure where the thread is anymore it may have been removed.

I've opened the same  thread , I had exactly the same problem.

U just need to go to church (where Riddler will show up on the big screen) and to solve 1st side mission how U would be able to detecting and solving the riddles all over the game.