Clueless about Enchanting

I'm lvl 62 Nord warrior with decent magic skills, completed all factions and main quest... yet I've never enchanted an item. Recharged many existing items tho.

 I have visited a few arcane enchanters but never had the right materials....  How is this done? What are some of the better enchants. I may not have a high enough enchantment skill, I am not near the game, and not sure my enchantment skill number, somewhere in the low 60's I believe.

Do you find a ruined book and write the "recipe" for the enchantment in that?

Thank you in advance ladies and gents.


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1) Get filled Soul Gems. Grand Soul Gem (Grand) for example.

2) Disenchant something magical you own to learn the enchantment.

3) Take a suitable item (Lightning Damage on a weapon, for example) to an Arcane Enchanter.

4) Choose Soul Gem, Item and Enchantment.

5) Choose Charges V Power. More power, less uses? The opposite?



You can only use filled gems.

You must know an enchantment.

The only materials you need to enchant are the item you wish to enchant and a charged soul gem. The better the soul gem, the better the enchantment will be. I usually wait until I have Grand soul gems to enchant an item.

When you visit an Arcane enchanter the 'main menu' that you see when you visit should have "Disenchant" listed at the top. This is how  you learn the enchantments. You must have an item that is already enchanted. When you have that item you will have to visit an enchanter and disenchant it in order to "learn it's secret". This destroys the item in the process, but you now know how to use that enchantment. You only need to disenchant an item once to learn that particular enchantment and you can enchant as many things as you want, with that enchantment, afterward.  You'll need to disenchant an item for each enchantment you want to learn. Although I disenchant any item that I haven't learned, even if I don't plan on using the enchantment simply because disenchanting also contributes to your enchantment skill.

Thanks Guys, I have a 100+ Grand soul gems with grand souls in each one plus Azura's Star and numerous Black and Greater souls gems. I'll give it a go. Peace

Blacks count as Grands as far as power level.

It would be smart to keep a couple filled Black Soul Gems (any level) in a safe in case you get vampirism, that's your way out :)

[quote user="Fortified Brad"]

It would be smart to keep a couple filled Black Soul Gems (any level) in a safe in case you get vampirism, that's your way out :)


Really?  That's good to know.  I've always been lucky enough to see the little "you've contracted..." message.  Of course, I pay very close attention when I'm anywhere near vampires and I always have at least 3 cure disease potions on me at all times. Blood sucking freaks LOL.

Or you can join the companions and become something that is immune to all diseases...

^^^ - This is exactly what I did but feel I may have to not complete the companions questline just so I can be a vampire...

Hey Brad, good to know!  I'm with Blue when I am near a vampire, I snipe them with my bow. With my deadric arrows and power ups My Ebony Bow of depleting' has an attack north of 230 (X3 for sneaking usually puts them down for the count.)

Thanks for all the tips folks.