Club harassment by the moderators on and on XBOX Live.

I have been a loyal player on forza since day 1 and have spent thousands to that end!!  I run the longest series in forza history!! 

   The moderators of the forza webpage lied when they said they moved every player from the forza 3 site to the forza 4 site. He deliberately removed every member of Team VMAX!!  I emailed him several times and he refused to do it!!  As a matter of fact, he blocked my IP address so I can't even see it!!  Microsoft and turn 10 need to pull the funding for the site and find a responsible and ethical team and individuals to run the site!!  I sent an email to the moderators of the forza site telling them that one of their co-moderators had lied and deliberately left us out!!  They banned me and my son and my brother all who play forza!!! 

   Another one of the moderators (from the same club) banned one of my club members for incidental contact in a race on forza!  This moderator has trash talked me and my team for years now, and it is unbelievable that he was given any responsibilities at all!!  He abused his power, and his authority and needs to be removed from his position and banned from xbox live for his flagrant abuse of power!!

   An employee of turn 10 divulged private information on the website that was untrue as well!!  This employee needs to be terminated for violation of privacy policies as well as his abusing his position.  He made sarcastic and smart-alec remarks towards my fiance, who also plays forza and had an account of  He banned her as well, for no reason!!! 

   It is obvious that microsoft and turn 10 need to seriously rethink who they have working for them and what these people are doing in microsoft/turn 10's name!!  They are an embarassment to every decent person out here!!!  Me and my club are filing multiple complaints against these individuals per the xbox live advisor, and the reference number on the complaints is 1182452847.




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Please see the sticky at the top of the page. This thread has served no good to date. It simply has been an argument from the top. If anyone has issues with ForzaMotorsports you need to take it up with them. We are done here.

Before it is said that anyone is taking sides let me state this.

The Moderators and forums team is not taking sides of anyone. We have our rules here just like they have rules there. Issues with game titles need to be taken up with them. I will also state that continuing to post about this issue on can lead to a forums suspension.  

If you are actually attempting to have a dialogue - I appreciate that.  However, talking smart to me will only lead to the viscous circle making another loop!  Additionally, turn10 and microsoft have been emailed ad nauseum regarding the behavior of the moderators at the  

The person you're saying removed you has his OWN site, not an official Forza Motorsport site run by Turn 10.  I am suggesting the proper avenue of appeal for whatever you think is being done, and that is your only source for resolution.  Not in this forum, not attacking anyone who attempts to talk with you.  Write Turn 10 at *** Email address is removed for privacy ***  

Chris H.

Snoxowlz:  I seriously suggest you keep your lies to yourself and go back to your forum where you can bully and silence those who know what you and cronies are up to... For the record tschuk or tshunk or whatever his gt is did deliberately and knowingly remove me and my team from the fm4 stat site... blather all you want!!  Doesn't change the facts!!!

VXMAX Firedrake:  You have been given the proper directions several times in this thread - you need to address whatever issues you believe you directly with Turn 10, creators of Forza Motorsport, at *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.  That is their email address.


For the record:  There was no changing/adding/removal of gamertags from FM3 to FM4 on the website.  Simply a different structure of the forums, a combination of Forza Motorsport 2 and FM3 into Classic Forza in a single forum for each under the one banner, with the sub-forums remaining.  And a new forum for Forza Horizon was added, too.


I would seriously suggest when you write your email you don't try to change facts.

Chris H.

We absolutely have an axe to grind!!  Being victims of discrimination, censorship, privacy violations, policy violations, blatant lies, misinformation, and collusion - we have the right and the obligation to expose the cowards and the clubs, organizations, and people that support them and their unethical behavior.

As a club we have 10's of thousands of downloads!!  Paints, tunes, vinyls, replays and photo's!!!  As far as the down rating... you don't like it done to you!!! Don't do it to us!!!  As my profile has said before, "Everything I learned, I learned from you!!"  We reserve the right to use whatever methods are necessary to repay those who have unjustly persecuted us!!  Don't like attention from us... leave us alone.  We didn't start this little pissing match, but we are not going to allow "you" to continue your vicious attacks and not respond in some way!!  

I'm sure RPM is an honorable organization, it's just too bad they have the misfortune of having such a belligerent mouthpiece!  The above poster needs to find some better, more informed friends than the previous posters he has been asked to and has colluded with!! SHAME - SHAME ;)  I'm sure when I look up this guys friends list, I will find the same users and abusers that have in the past and continue to act despicably!!

/ thread

It's pretty obvious the OP has an axe to grind and the only reason he's posting here is to bad mouth other people yet he seems reluctant to answer the claims that he and his club are the biggest abusers of downrating out there. Just look at his storefront, loads of paints with hundreds of downloads that are mediocre at best but still have a 5 star rating, pathetic.

Yes it does... ;)  

Well it goes for everyone. I will not allow arguments to go back and forth here in an abusive way. You can make light of it as you like but we have rules to follow that everyone here did agree to.  Does that answer your question???

Does that go just for us?, as usual, or are you going to moderate them as well?, because that would truly be a first!

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