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I've been on xbox live for the past 4 yrs., if I was an achievement wh*%re, do you really think I will have just 29860 as a Gamerscore?, secondly, I paid $60 for all those CSI games since on my perspective they are wayyyy better and funnier to play than mR. aLAN "the girl" wAKE, even with their old generation graphics, so get your facts straight sON...


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First off, why did you create a new thread to reply to me, when you could have done that in your previous thread?



Second, let's look at Metacritic's rating of the games.  First the average critic's review, then the average user's review



-CSI Deadly Intent: 5.1/5.2 respectively.

-CSI Fatal Conspiracy: 4.2

-CSI Hard Evidence: 4.8/6.0

-Alan Wake: 8.3/7.9



Yeah, it's safe to say AW is better than those games.



The only person who plays CSI games are people who want an easy 1000/1000.  Everyone knows this.  Don't try and play that *** off.  "...never was interested in the game at all, but, at this price and the prospect of some achievements, well, I could not pass it out."  That seems so ridiculous to me.  In my 6 years of owning a 360, I've never ever even thought about buying a game to earn more achievements.  That never even factored into the equation.  So silly.  With that logic you would buy any game as long as it was cheap and you could earn achievements right?  Right.  You may not be the true definition of an achievement wh*** (you're borderline), but you're still too silly to be taken seriously.

[quote user="nintendods521"]why are we comparing alan wake to csi? [/quote]This was relevant to the fact that the OP buys some games only to earn easy achievements.  Not only that, they were on his recently played list (3 out of 5).  He claimed they are fantastic compared to AW.  Of course they are different types of games, but they are also on way different levels.  If you were to ask whether CSI's or AW is better, obviously the latter is.  I just found it funny that he dogged AW so much, yet all of the normal users and professional critics clearly agree CSI sucks compared to AW.  The OP basically got his *** handed to him in another thread so he asked the moderator to remove it.  Since then he turned on the option to hid what games he's played, which I find very funny.  Obviously he's hiding something from people in the future.  I would love for him to check in and tell us what other games he's playing that are better than AW.  

How many new Threads did this guy make??? Dude just REPLY

why are we comparing alan wake to csi? they are not even similar games,   get a grip , csi is a good game for what genre it fits under,  probably one of the least active genres is csi in ,   alan wake how ever ,  is a suspense horror shooter game ,   nothing like csi deadly intent/csi fatal conspiracy or csi hard evidence

csi games are ok ... they're nothing compared to the great great GREAT 'Still Life' on the original xbox ... what a fantastic game ... i don't think it's backward compatible, but if you have a ogxbox collecting dust in the closet, definitely seek that game out and give it a go!

oh and Alan Wake rocks, also ... one of the greatest video game experiences of all time imnsho ... :)

*hide what...