Clowning Around glitch?

I'm stuck on the last harlequin. I accidentally killed him while fighting a group of guards and he's not respawning. I've tried fast traveling, running around and causing trouble and coming back and I've even tried deleting the DLC and redownloading it and nothing seems to be working. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how/if they resolved it. It's the harlequin closest to the papal area, on the stairs in front of the little roundabout on the map. I've spent 5 in-game days, just running around and coming back at various intervals during the day and at night and he's still not there. All the pictures and videos seem to point to him being there during the day though. Any advice guys?


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If I am thinking right they are only there in the day.  I killed all 5 ( did not read the achvo, lol) and wwent back the "DAY" and found them all.

Nah they are there during the night as well. When one of them didn't showed up for me I just walked around or climbed up a building as well as moving the camera so the place where they are supposed to be didn't showed in the screen

I've been there day and night, run away and come back, changed the camera angle, all that business... he just doesn't want to appear for me. Clearly. lol