Cloud saves are working finally

Tested it earlier playing a couple races by myself to see if RP adds up and stays after going back to story mode then back to online.  Also lung capacity adding up.  Did some swimming to kill a few minutes just to test the cloud.  Looks like the so called delayed cloud didn't add up my old level though.  I leveled up today from 47 to 48.  But Saturday I was a 50 before signing off.  Them stats didn't catch up in the cloud.  Other then the characters RP did catch up from Saturday.  Was working on stealth, lung capacity and strength all day Saturday.   Those all caught up.  My race and dart wins from Saturday didn't add up though.  Kinda weird.  Since I had a few friends racing with me.  Curious if their losses stayed?  Cause I won a few off of them.


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Yea luckily I didn't lose anything from playing since Friday night.