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I haven't had the chance to test it out yet, but...

Say I upload saved data to the Cloud storage and retrieve it at a friend's house to play over there... Later when I come back home, I assume I would have to recover the data again on my own console. My question is how would that work?--Would I then have to re-copy the cloud data onto my hard drive again? Will the two saves conflict as one was changed since at a friend's? Am I forced to use my save by accessing the cloud on this particular save from here on out? What?


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You can transfer your save from the cloud to your hard drive and vice versa.

and say you get back from a friends (still havent had the chance to test it) after playing a saved game from the cloud... would you need to re-copy the most recent cloud data onto your hdd once again? and would it automatically overwrite the previous data, or is it needed to be deleted manually?--or is there no overwriting involved? will the data conflict?--what??

The cloud saves stay the same no matter where you access them from.  You can create a cloud save file for Skyrim, play it at a friend's house, then go back home and resume where you left off at your friend's house.  

Here's how Cloud Storage works, provided you have it enabled on your console and your friend's console:

Play your game and get up to Stage A-1 on your console. Save the game. Turn off the console and the saved game will be automatically uploaded and synced to the Cloud Storage associated with your gamertag account.

Play the same game at your friend's house, and with his console enabled for Cloud Saves, it will prompt you to choose a storage device. Choose Cloud Saves and the game with the save data on Stage A-1 will be automatically downloaded to your friend's console for you to resume your play.

Get up to Stage A-2 on that same game at your friend's house, save and turn off the console, again the saved game will be uploaded to the Cloud.

Get home start up your game and again you'll be prompted to choose what storage device to choose, so choose Cloud Saves, obviously, and the saved game will once more be downloaded to your console so you may resume from Stage A-2.

I hope that explains its primary functions clearly enough.

Not quite, guys...

Most games don't prompt you to choose a save device every time you start a game up. Usually its a one-time process when starting a new game up for the first place. In these (most) cases, what storage device will the game select? I assume it will select the default device being used and not the most recent one from the cloud. This would be a problem. or does the update now require all games to select a specific save device every time on start up? idunno.

If a game doesn't prompt you to choose a storage device at start-up, what you can do is go to the game's options menu and choose the Cloud storage, or other devices from there. Every game has this option, so there's nothing to be concerned about.

The game will then automatically load the chosen storage device on start-up, in this case it's Cloud Saves if you chose that from the options menu.