Close up pic from the back of a 360 version of ghosts

3GB mandatory install required. No more Ground War!!!! As Online multi players only up to 12 players


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Thats a crock of  ...........  I like ground war with lots of people. they just needed a harcore mode.

I don't mind no ground war. I wasn't really a fan of it tbh. 3 GB install is fine with me. :)

So you guys getting the 360 version first?

of course, not spending $500+ just for one game. when they shut off 360 online servers, ill upgrade.

Ill abandon the 360 way before then, but probably not a day one release guy for the new system. Maybe Christmas.

I'm going to be playing on the 360 for a while. I don't need a new console just yet. I still have a bunch of games I need to complete on here.

I'm not bothering with 360 version,just gonna wait until 22nd when my One arives.Interestingly my X1 version of Ghosts has a release date on Nov 5,Think i'm gonna be sat with the game but no console to play it on.

that's because the frame rate lag would be crazy with 16 or 18 players on ghosts with the 360. its been getting worse with every title since black ops.


that's the one thing im looking forward to with next gen, consoles that will be able to handle the software they are running for atleast a few years before the cycle begins again......


that's my opinion and im sticking to it like poo on a bedsheet.

I think its a hardware issue also and we only notice the bad frame rates when they drop, probably due to lack of hardware.

i was a big fan of groundwar as i often play by myself; sad to see it go.  Not interested in the XB1, if it doesn't have Gears of War, the console is of no use to me, well there is Titan Fall but it's so far off that I'll just wait and see.