Cliffy B... you NEED to have this song on the Gears3 soundtrack!!!

I know BodyCount is reuniting for a song on the soundtrack and that's awesome... couldn't be happier. But THIS song needs to be on the soundtrack as well... it couldn't be better-suited for the game. I give you MACHINE HEAD's newest song, "Locust".  You're welcome!

"Suffer unto the locust!"


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I love it.  Machine Head has been one of my favorite bands since their first album.  Through my job I actually got to be pretty good friends with Robb.  I got to intro them a few times.

It'd be a great song for the ending credits.

"Suffer unto the locust" 

as much as i love Machine Head, i cant see them using it! the same way that they never used Megadeth's "Gears of War" for gears 2! i need to listen fo Locust more, its taking a while for me to get into it.

No thanks.