{C.L.G}"Certified Lady Gunnaz" Is Now Recruiting More Ladies To Join Our Clan/SisterHood.

Attention ALL female gamers we are now recruiting more ladies to join our Clan/Sisterhood =)

We play all types of FPS games especially Mw3 and all the Call of Duty Series...

We also have all types of different division example:Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/Delta/Echo Squad from Core to hardcore/Competitive to non-Competitive players.

Our Ladies play all the different game modes there is..

Our Clan is not strict with all the Code of Conduct Like other different clans out there I just have 1 rule:{Respect our Ladies} We are a DRAMA FREE clan..

So far for being a all ladies clan I can honestly say Certified Lady Gunnaz has been great all our ladies get along with each other perfectly =) No hating going on and we are all very welcoming.

XBOX 360

We are MLG in gamebattles I just signed us up for this summer season so hopefully by tomorrow night we can start doing tournaments again.If you are a competitive player and would like to join our roster's which are Alpha For HardCore T.D.M/Bravo for Core T.D.M or Echo Search & Destroy Just let me know but heads up-We are going to test you out first to see how you play.You will have to learn our strats and call outs another importing thing you MUST have a Mic to participate in Battles for G.B's No Mic No Play.

We also have "Clan Warz" it is posted on our Website you can see for your self this is when either our clan or other clans out there challenge us to a clan battle,We do 1vs1/2vs2/3vs3/4vs4/5vs5/6vs6/7vs7/8vs8 Etc..We will be recording all our matches plus taking pics of our final scores-So yes we always show proof.We currently have HD PVR/Dazzel/Cap Cards etc.So just in case your reading this and is not interesting in joining or have your own clan and want to have a friendly clan battle we are more than happy to accept your challenge :)

Another thing We are very active on Elite check us out: Lady Gunnaz

Wow I wrote a biography lol-Well let me cut to the chase If you are interested in Joining us C.L.G's Feel free to come check us out and fill a application @t:


Our Youtube page: www.youtube.com/user/CLGxLadies

Our Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/CertifiedLadyGunnaz

We will appreciate if all of you who is reading this show us Certified Lady Gunnaz some support =)

Thanks for reading and looking forward to game with you soon GAME-ON!!!!


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